Will You Be In My Bridal Party?

Having a baby, celebrating a Sweet 16, and getting engaged are all milestones that deserve to be celebrated. Asking your best friends to share in on the excitement and walk down your aisle at your wedding is another milestone that should not be forgotten.

The newest rage is to have a “Will You be in my Bridal Party” party.

Why we all need change

Winter Spring Summer and Fall? All four seasons are so different and affect us in very different ways.

In Winter, the lack of sunshine and heat play a huge role in our demeanors. Many suffer and seek refuge in a warmer climate. Those of us that are not so lucky have to Hunker Down and prepare our selves to become safe and comfortable as the winds are turning. We tend to spend more time in the kitchen, cooking up comfort food or brewing hot tea or hot cocoa after a long cold day out in the world. A cozy blanket in front of a warm fire can change any dark night into a pleasant evening.

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